Specialist suppliers of quality traditional and contemporary water features with a 30 year heritage.

Our traditional Fountains are hand carved by time served stone masons and must not be confused with mass produced moulded concrete fountains which are often described as stone. They are carved to order in a choice of stone to reflect our countries geographical landscape. This range has been designed to appeal to discerning clients who appreciate the difference and is enhanced by our bespoke service which extends to planters and urns. 

With further emphasis on quality, our Terracotta range is imported from Crete, with ancient Minoan heritage, Cretan Terracotta is recognised as the worlds most resilient terracotta and is perfect to create beautiful understated water features. 

Our Aquaglobe is a contemporary masterpiece. The stunning, mesmerising simplicity make it our designers favourite. Other contemporary offerings include bespoke Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Copper. 

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